Building the sport by building the athletes.

They show up because...

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The Environment.

Training alongside the best wrestlers in the world fosters a breeding ground for international champions.

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The Coaching.

The decades of experience, the passion, and the commitment to each and every athlete.


The Support.

The Spartan Combat RTC is a non-profit organization that survives and thrives off community support in the form of donations.


Become a Spartan Combat Supporter...


By building the athletes, you are building the sport.

The Spartan Combat RTC is a non-profit, world class regional training center for athletes looking to compete in the international styles of wrestling. Your support allows our athletes to train and compete on a world platform under the guidance of elite wrestling coaches. Athletes have made the Olympic team, won world championships, captured NCAA titles and earned All-American honors. Success brings growth, building more success. 

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